March 06, 2007.

     Today we said goodbye to Nina. She had an aggressive tumor in her chest like her sister Ezzi. She could no longer sustain her self with out extreme pain. We did not want her to be in pain any more. The last 4 days was a rapid decline from hard breathing to panic attacks and refusing food and drink. Before she became lost to us, we ended her suffering. It was was not an easy thing to do but it had to be done.
Flashes are bad on babies eyes
Peek-a-Boo Baby The Gymnast
Yummy! I was hiding
Hey what are you doing? Nina loved her meds with a bit of cherry syrup mixed in.

Goodbye Nina,
We love you so much!
Kristi and Charles

Nina's last Christmas time
Nina is survived by our other girls Cindy, Oreo and Gracie. Pictures of our girls can be found here. Our memories of Ezzi are here.
Baby CindyBaby OreoGracie
Nina, march 05 2007. The pain sets in.